xTool warranty

xTool warranty

After-sales service policy

This warranty does not affect your legal rights under the laws and regulations of your country or region. The conditions specified in this warranty must be performed to the extent permitted by the laws of your country or region. If the warranty period in this policy is not sufficient to cover the scope of your country or region's laws, local policy regulations shall prevail.

I. Limited Warranty

If my product does not work properly during the warranty period, how can I get limited warranty service? Please email service.jp@xtool.com for after-sales service. The email must contain a valid purchase order number or other proof of purchase.

Post-sale processing

xTool will attempt to analyze and resolve your issue through remote assistance such as email or online video chat. If the problem cannot be resolved by remote communication, it may be necessary to send the product to xTool's regional repair center or directly contact a local technician for repair service. If there is any problem within the warranty period, xTool will provide free product repair and after-sales service.

This warranty does not apply if:

  • Products or parts whose warranty has expired.
  • Products purchased through channels not authorized by xTool, or products resold by other purchasers.
  • Normal discoloration, wear and tear that occurs during product use.
  • Failure or damage may be caused by improper or improper use, including improper handling, use of the product for purposes other than its reasonable intended purpose, improper insertion and removal of external devices, dropping or improper external impact; caused by maintenance or storage. Damage, dust, damage to the product or parts (housing, components, etc.) due to contact or exposure to inappropriate temperatures, solvents, acids, alkalis, water intrusion, etc., insect or rodent infestation, or foreign object ingress; wiring, etc.).
  • Any failure or damage caused by installation, repair, alteration, addition or deletion by any agency or person not authorized by xTool.
  • Damage caused by unauthorized modification, disassembly, or removal of the case, or damage caused by failure to follow official manuals or instructions.
  • Products or parts where the original identifying information has been altered or removed.
  • Products or parts that cannot provide valid receipts or other documentation to prove warranty status.
  • Malfunction or damage caused by the use of illegally licensed, non-standard or publicly unavailable software.
  • Damage caused by reliability or compatibility issues due to the use of unauthorized third party parts.
  • Malfunction or damage caused by virus infection, hacker attack or other malicious intrusion.
  • Failure or damage caused by force majeure or accident.
  • Damage incurred while being returned for repair.
  • Other failures or damage not attributable to product quality.
  • A product that can operate without interruption or error.

xTool is not responsible for the above issues. If you encounter any of the above issues, please contact the relevant parties for a solution.

II. Replacement

1. A replacement product may be requested if a manufacturing defect, malfunction, or missing part is found within fifteen (15) days of receipt of the purchased product. If xTool or a certified technician confirms the issue is under warranty and cannot be fixed, xTool will pay for shipping to and from your location.

2. Entitled to warranty service or chargeable replacement product in the event of manufacturing defect, failure or missing parts. If you choose a paid replacement product, the paid replacement will be subject to one-way shipping and restocking fees. If the product is damaged within 30 days of receipt, a 15% restocking fee will be charged and return shipping will be the responsibility of the customer. If the product is damaged after 30 days of receipt, you will be responsible for paying a 30% restocking fee and return shipping costs. More than three months after receipt of units, they are not eligible for exchange.

Replacement service cannot be requested in the following cases:

  • Product is not covered by warranty.
  • The product was purchased from a channel other than xTool.
  • Products returned to xTool do not contain all of the original accessories, accessories, packaging, or contain items damaged due to improper use.
  • After all proper testing, the product was found to be free of defects.
  • Failure to provide valid proof of purchase, order number, or other legal proof.
  • Failure or damage caused by incorrect or improper use, maintenance or storage, including improper handling. Use of the Product for anything other than its reasonable intended purpose. Improper connection or disconnection of external devices. Drops or improper external crashes. Contact or exposure to inappropriate temperatures, solvents, acids, alkalis, water intrusion, etc. Damage, dust or damage to the product or parts (enclosure, components, wiring, etc.) due to insect or rodent infestation or foreign object ingress.
  • Failure or damage caused by installation, repair, alteration, addition or disassembly by any agency or personnel not authorized by xTool.
  • Change or remove any original identifying information for any product or component.
  • Damage caused by external events beyond our control (fire, flood, high winds, or thunderstorms).
  • After receiving the replacement product sent by xTool, after doing some tests, the replacement product works well.

If the product received is not returned to xTool within seven (7) calendar days after xTool acknowledges the replacement request.

III. Warranty coverage and duration

table header Warranty range Warranty period
Laserbox Startup
Laserbox Pro
Laserbox Turnaround Station
Main parts 12 months
Laserbox Startup
Laserbox Pro
Laserbox Turnaround Station
Consumables and Accessories No warranty (Free replacement if factory damaged)
xTool D1
Xtool D1 Pro
main part 24 months
xTool D1
Xtool D1 Pro
wear parts Three months
xTool D1
Xtool D1 Pro
consumables and accessories Not covered by warranty
xTool M1 main part 24 months
xTool M1 wear parts Three months
xTool M1 consumables and accessories Not covered by warranty
xTool P2 main part 24 months
xTool P2 wear parts Three months
xTool P2 consumables and accessories Not covered by warranty
xTool F1 main part 24 months
xTool F1 wear parts Three months
xTool F1 consumables and accessories Not covered by warranty

Note 1:

The "Warranty Period" stated above begins on the date of receipt of the Product relative to the invoice date. Therefore, please keep the invoice as proof of purchase. Without a valid invoice, the warranty period begins on the date the product leaves the factory.

Note 2:

Laser Head Warranty: Laser power will degrade at different rates depending on various factors such as frequency of use, working hours and working environment.

Note 3:

Laser Tube Warranty:
(1) If the laser tube shows signs of damage during the initial unpacking inspection, xTool promises to provide after-sales warranty service for the laser tube.
 (2) Within the warranty period, if the laser tube does not work properly (such as no laser generation) without any obvious defects, xTool promises to provide after-sales warranty service for the laser tube.
 (3) During the warranty period, xTool will provide after-sales warranty service for the laser tube if external bursting (including but not limited to bursting due to improper handling process or cracking due to freezing temperature) occurs in the laser tube. does not provide

IV. Special Notes

  • Product packaging, benefits, consumables, and accessories are not covered by the warranty, but if a problem occurs during use for the first time after purchase, we will replace it free of charge. xTool will charge some fee to cover the cost if we need to add packages, accessories or if any modifications are required.
  • Warranty for products purchased in China and brought abroad: After the product is fully repaired, we will cover the shipping costs to send it back to the customer, but the customer is responsible for the cost of the repair. You will be charged the shipping fee for sending the product for repair and the international shipping fee for returning the repaired product to the customer.
  • xTool is not responsible for any other promises made by Agents that are not guaranteed by xTool.
  • For products whose production has been discontinued or whose production has been discontinued, our relevant departments will announce the final maintenance date of the product for which warranty service ends and send a notice to the agency.
  • For products sold under separate agreements regarding after-sales service terms, the agreement confirmed by xTool shall prevail.
  • If you submit a valid claim under this Limited Warranty, xTool will, at its sole discretion, (1) provide detailed instructions and new or refurbished parts to repair the Product; or (2) (i) repair with new or refurbished parts, (ii) replacement with a new or refurbished product equivalent to the product being replaced, or (iii) refund the purchase price.


  • During the after-sales service, xTool will compensate for the loss of the product only if it is responsible for transportation and repair.
  • Unless otherwise provided by law, XTOOL shall in no event be liable for any incidental, special, or indirect damages, including, but not limited to, personal injury or damages for loss of profits, loss of data, business interruption, or otherwise. LIABILITY FOR LEGAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. Others, however, regardless of theory of liability (contract, tort, or otherwise), and even if Xtool has been advised of the possibility of such damages, arising out of or in connection with the use or inability to use the Xtool Products; damage or loss. .


This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights that vary from state to state (or country to country, state to state). Except as permitted by law, xTool does not exclude, limit, or suspend any other rights you may have, including rights that may arise from your failure to comply with the Sales Agreement. You should refer to your country, local or state law to fully understand your rights. Policy Restrictions Subject to Consumer Law. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW, THIS WARRANTY AND REMEDIES STATED ARE EXCLUSIVE AND ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, REMEDIES, WHETHER ORAL, WRITTEN, STATUTORY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ARE EXCLUDED TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY LAW. and replaces the terms. xTool disclaims all statutory and implied warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, and warranties against hidden or delayed defects. NO SUCH WARRANTIES ARE NO DISCLAIMABLE AND xTool LIMITS THE DURATION AND REMEDIES OF SUCH WARRANTIES TO THE DURATION OF THIS EXPRESS WARRANTY AND, AT XTool'S OPTION, REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT SERVICE AS DESCRIBED BELOW. Limited. SOME STATES (COUNTRIES AND PROVINCES) DO NOT ALLOW LIMITATIONS ON HOW LONG AN IMPLIED WARRANTY (OR CONDITION) LASTS, SO THE ABOVE LIMITATION MAY NOT APPLY TO YOU.

Note: This after-sales policy may vary according to local laws and regulations, and xTool reserves the right to interpret and change this warranty policy at its sole discretion and at any time.